The lyrics for Sumiregusa were inspired by a Hokku, or Haiku, written by the Japanese poet, Basho, while he was traveling to Otsu.
He says that on his way through the mountain road the sight of a wild violet touched his heart.
We have all been moved by the beauty of nature, so I am sure we can all relate to those seventeen syllables that Basho wrote.
We have all had a moment that pulls at our heartstrings.
One such moment for me was when I was walking in the woodlands and I came across an old, broken, dying thistle.
He was such a sad sight.
There was a small history in him that would soon be lost.
And yet he struggled on.
I called him Don Quixote. I went every day to see him until he wasn't there any more.
The following year his children bloomed, he did not return.
Even today, although that place has been taken over by the ever vigorous bramble, and there are no signs of any thistles, I still pass by and remember him.
Perhaps these moments are an epiphany.
Perhaps it is our own acceptance of the world and the way it is.
Perhaps it is a celebration of life, or just a moment that is ours alone.
In Sumiregusa all of nature is equal in its power to inspire, to move, to touch ・from a small pebble to a great mountain, from one green leaf to the many colours of autumn, from the song of birds to a purple flower.





The poignancy of things
A purple flower
The blossoms of spring
and the light snow of winter
How they fall
The beauty of nature
A green leaf and
Autumn colours
The voice of the wind
The song of birds
A sad sea
A joyful sea
A wild iris

Reference - the official Enya website
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LEGO Facts


  LEGOの日めくりカレンダーの毎月5日に書いてある `LEGO Facts' のリスト

Children around the world spend 5 billion hours every year playing with LEGO bricks


400 million children and adults have played with LEGO bricks at some time or another


There are 102.981.500 different ways of combining six 8-stud bricks of the same colour

  同色の8ポッチブロック6個でできる組み合わせは102.981.500通り (April)

349 billion LEGO elements have been moulded since 1949

  1949年から349億個のレゴパーツが成型されている (May)

Every 7 seconds a LEGO set is sold somewhere in the world

  7秒毎に世界のどこかでレゴ製品が貰われている (June)

On average every person on planet earth has 52 LEGO bricks


In 2000 the LEGO Company manufactured 306 million tyres making it the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world

  2000年,レゴ社は306百万個もタイヤを生産し,世界で最大手のタイヤメーカーになった (October)

If placed end-to-end all LEGO sets sold during the past 10 years would stretch from London, UK to Perth, Australia

  過去10年間に売られたレゴブロックを並べると,ロンドンからパース(オーストラリア)まで届く has more than 3 million visitors every month - each spending an average of 48.5 minutes exploring the site は毎月300万人が訪れる.平均閲覧時間は48.5分.

The largest model at LEGOLAND Windsor is the Technosaurus created using in excess of one million LEGO bricks. And the smallest? Probably a pigeon in Trafalgar Square

  LEGOLAND Windsorでもっとも大きいモデルは1億個のブロックを使用して作られた Technosaurus
  最も小さいものは恐らくTrafalgar Squareのハト

In 2001 the LEGO Company manufactured 802.000 motorbikes

  2001年,レゴ社で製造したバイクの数は802.000台 (September)

1388 Eiffel Towers on top of each other corresponds to the height - if stacked - of all BIONICLE masks manufactured in 2001


When moulding LEGO bricks the tolerance of accuracy is 2/1000 of a millimetre


The moulding tool for the LEGO tractor (1951) cost 32.000 Danish Crowns. At the time, a real tractor cost half approx. 15.000 Danish Crowns.


In 1990, the word LEGO was accepted in The Oxford Concise Dictionary (8th edition).


When Korean mountaineer Young Ho climbed the peak of Mount Everest in 1987, he left behind a LEGO model in the snow.

  1987年,韓国の登山家 Young Ho がエベレストに登頂したときに,レゴブロックを雪の中に残した.

327 billion LEGO elements have been moulded since 1949.

  1949年から327億個のレゴパーツが成型されている (May)
  注意: データが古い(?)


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0033 0036
DoCoMo \18 \17.5
au \18 \19
Vodafone \18 \21
TU-KA \18 \21
(料金は 円/分)


  DoCoMo へ電話するなら0036


  NTT Communications - 0033モバイル
  NTT東日本 - 固定電話発・携帯電話着0036通話サービス [料金表]